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Eye Care Services – Optical Center in Alpharetta, GA

Roswell, GA Eye Care & Eye Doctor

At Alpharetta Eye Associates, you will find top quality eye care for every health and vision-related need. Our eye care team has been trained for and specializes in comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings, treatment for eye disease and eye conditions and Lasik co-management. Our optometrists, Dr. Brenda Weirich Szirovecz, Dr. Steve Szirovecz, and Dr. Dawn Marsala, and Dr. Vaishnav are here to address all of your eye and vision concerns and are experts in treating dry eyes, pink eye, and eye allergies.

Family Eye Exams Featuring Clarifye

Alpharetta Eye Associates is proud to offer clarifye eye exam technology. Meet clarifye, the digital eye exam that shows you more. During your clarifye exam, your doctor uses advanced, digital equipment to map the unique fingerprint of your eye. The exam is detailed and comprehensive, and every step is personalized just for you. Best of all, its digital precision means less guessing between “which is better, 1 or 2?”* No other eye exam is more precise. clarifyeSM —the eye exam will never be the same. Available exclusively at or next to LensCrafters.

No matter who you are or what your age is, a comprehensive eye exam will go a very long way in the direction of assuring that your eyesight remains clear and healthy. Your eye doctor at Alpharetta Eye Associates will perform a thorough eye exam. The eye doctor is trained to give their patients a comprehensive assessment that involves various tests we will focus on below. If you have not been to the optometrist in over a year, make a meeting for an eye exam as soon as feasible. So, let’s take a look at a few of the items that an optometrist checks for in the course of your checkup, and what your eye doctor will do to rectify the issue.

Eye doctor, woman putting on a contact lens in Alpharetta, GA

We fit a large variety of contact lenses and will work with you to find the best lense for you!

Eye doctor, couple sitting on bench in Alpharetta, GA

Learn more about recognizing cataracts symptoms, protecting your eyes and understanding cataract surgery.

Optometrist, woman at an eye exam in Alpharetta, GA

Learn more about what problems can be spotted with an eye exam, and what’s involved in a comprehensive exam.

Optometrist, eye analysis report showing on monitor in Alpharetta, GA

Glaucoma is a condition that causes damage to your eye's optic nerve and gets worse over time, so nipping it in the bud will always be better.

Optometrist, boy at an eye exam in Alpharetta, GA

According to experts, 80% of learning is visual, which means that if your child is having difficulty seeing clearly, his or her learning can be affected.

Optometrist, grandmother and hugging her granddaughter in Alpharetta, GA

The macula is the portion of the retina which provides sharp, central vision, and is involved in processing the fine details of the image.

Optometrist, woman resting head on hand in Alpharetta, GA

Diabetes & vision go hand in hand. If you have diabetes, you need to know that having this systemic disease puts you at risk for developing vision problems.

Optometrist, clarifye digital eye exam in Alpharetta, GA

Advanced digital eye exam technology to map your eye and the determine your vision prescription for glasses or contacts with incredible accuracy.

Optometrist, optomap Retinal Exam in Alpharetta, GA

Annual eye exams are vital to maintaining your vision and overall health. We offer the optomap® Retinal Exam as an important part of our eye exams.

Eye doctor, senior woman smiling in Alpharetta, GA

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we diagnose and manage, with greater precision, diseases like Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and Cataracts.

Optometrist, girl rubbing her eyes in Alpharetta, GA

Did you know your optometrist can help you with red eyes, pink eye, or sore eyes, foreign body removal and eye emergencies?

Optometrist, man rubbing eyes in Alpharetta, GA

Dry eyes result from the chronic lack of lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye, which can cause minor irritations or an inability to wear contact lenses.

Eye doctor, blurry night driving vision in Alpharetta, GA

Astigmatism is a very common eye condition that's easily corrected by eyeglasses or contact lenses and on some occasions, surgery.

Eye doctor, senior holding a pair of eyeglasses in Alpharetta, GA

Does holding a newspaper farther from your face help you see the words? For this reason, presbyopia is sometimes called "long-arm syndrome."

Optometrist, baby girl and mother at eye exam in Alpharetta, GA

Vision plays a crucial role throughout childhood & beyond. Yet many parents don't understand how vision helps their children develop.

Advanced Technology photo in Alpharetta, GA

We offer the most up-to-date technology to ensure your eye health.